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Luxurious Bathrooms: Our Approach To Your Dream Oasis

At Douglah Designs, we believe that a bathroom should be a blissful sanctuary to come home to, offering a relaxing and luxurious haven to freshen up. We have experience working with hundreds of different homeowners across the Lamorinda area to design and build their dream bathrooms. We’ve outlined some of our favorite projects — from […]

Clean Lines and Modern Design: Accomplishing Dream Homes

Each client that comes through our door is unique, as is every approach to accomplishing their home improvement goals. Every project brings a fresh and exciting challenge, and we pull from all styles of interior design to accomplish our clients’ dream home. In the past years, we’ve noticed many clients coming to us wanting a […]

Serving our Community

For more than 20 years, Douglah Designs has had the pleasure of getting to know hundreds of homeowners all across Lafayette and the Lamorinda area. Our clients have welcomed us not only into their homes but into their lives as well. Being a part of the community is a responsibility and an honor, and we […]

Don’t Take Our Word for It: Why Our Clients Love Us

For more than 20 years, we’ve put in the hard work to provide our clients with high quality and dependable services that exceed expectations and make dream homes a reality. Completing a project is absolutely rewarding. But it’s also meaningful to know how much of an impact we’re making on our clients’ lives. In today’s […]

Communication, Communication, Communication!

Most seasoned homeowners have at least one construction horror story. Maybe the contractor blew through the budget like a kid through a candy store with little to show for it. Or perhaps the construction went smoothly and seemed well done, but a year later a soggy spot in the ceiling appears and you discover some […]

Project Spotlight: Mediterranean Touch

These clients came to us with a very rustic Mediterranean-style home with adobe walls. We began a discussion about a complete home makeover and sought to better understand their vision for the project. They liked the rustic feel, but wanted to update the general look. We understood they were envisioning Mediterranean, but with a new […]

The Skilled Labor Shortage Will Impact You Eventually

A Healthy Economy The United States is currently enjoying one of the longest job growth streaks in its history. As of February, 2017 unemployment stood 4.7%, which continues a trend of sub 5% unemployment throughout 2016. At an unemployment rate of 5% or less, it’s generally understood that anyone who’s able and willing to work […]

Make a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

If you wish a bathroom in your home could be a little larger without adding more square footage, here are a few design tips to make your bath look and feel more spacious. Freestanding or wall-hung vanity: Replacing wall-to-wall built-in cabinetry that goes down to the floor with a delicate free-standing pedestal, a furniture-style freestanding […]

Tile Design Inspiration

We could all use a little inspiration. Artistic Tile‘s Toledo Lucido waterjet marble mosaic. Walker Zanger‘s Anteak reclaimed wood mosaic. Artistic Tile‘s Opera Serenade glass blend AKDO‘s Lace Vine handmade stone mosaic.

Go Green With Your Kitchen Design

Open up any architecture and design magazine and you’ll probably see articles or photos that feature sustainable or “green” design. More than just a trend or concept with few product choices, sustainable design does not yield a limitation on the possibilities of your interior design or remodel. Regardless of your style preferences, there’s a growing […]