The Journey to Your Dream Home Renovation

Remodeling Your Space with Precision

“Our designers and construction crews work under one roof as a cohesive team. We assume responsibility for the entire project from initial design concepts right through construction. Our team manages every detail, including design, budgeting, scheduling, ordering products, obtaining permits, and construction, offering our clients peace of mind. We’re a one-stop shop for your remodeling experience.”

– Owner, Leila Douglah

At Douglah Designs, we follow a systematic approach to guarantee timely and budget-friendly project completion. Explore our streamlined process, distilled into key steps, guiding you on your journey towards realizing your dream home renovation.
Let’s take the journey together!



Discovering Your Dream Home Together

We start by ensuring Douglah Designs aligns with your project in a complimentary discovery call, delving into your vision, which sets the stage for understanding your project’s unique elements. Then, we will schedule a formal in-home consultation to review the project’s scope, budget, and timelines, laying a solid foundation for collaboration. If you choose to move forward, we solidify our commitment with a project development agreement and a retainer, marking the commencement of your project and the start of our collaborative journey toward your dream home renovation.


The Transformative Journey

Our team immerses itself in your project’s details, beginning with a thorough site measure. We then create preliminary design options for your review. Upon approval, we initiate the estimating process to offer a budget range. Once the budget is confirmed, we proceed to finalize material selections and precise design plans. This culminates in your signing a Home Improvement Contract, granting permission to initiate construction and bring your dream home renovation to life.



A Hassle-Free Start

Prior to the commencement of construction, we navigate the process of obtaining all necessary permits. Our dedication to transparency and compliance assures that your project aligns with regulatory standards. Furthermore, we meticulously coordinate orders and assess delivery times to ensure products arrive precisely when needed, thereby streamlining workflow and minimizing delays.


Building Dreams, Brick by Brick

Approximately two weeks before construction commences, our project management team holds a pre-construction site meeting with you to align expectations and set the stage for seamless execution. This involves a thorough review of project details, timelines, and specific considerations, fostering clear communication and collaboration. As construction begins, our team coordinates a series of tasks, starting with demolition, framing, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. After the rough work is inspected and approved, we proceed to close walls and install drywall. The meticulous finish work follows, covering flooring, cabinetry, moldings, millwork, tile work, painting, along with plumbing & light fixture installation. To add a personalized touch, we also handle furniture installation and styling, culminating in a newly renovated space ready for you to enjoy!



The Big Wow Reveal

Following a few weeks of enjoying the beauty of your newly transformed space, our dedicated team conducts a walk-through session. This provides you with the chance to pinpoint any areas needing attention, creating a punch list. A skilled team member then collaborates closely with you to address and resolve each item. This intricate process ensures every nuance of your vision is realized and perfected, resulting in a home that surpasses your dreams.


Transformation Complete

This phase signifies the triumphant conclusion of your home remodeling journey. Once all punch list items are addressed, we present you with a comprehensive Client Binder containing a detailed record of your renovation journey, including selected paint colors, and product warranties ensuring lasting quality. This serves as your guide to enjoying and maintaining your newly transformed space. It’s more than the end of a project; it’s the commencement of a renewed living space tailored to your dreams. And with that, your dream home renovation is complete!

Leila and team are amazing! They did a whole house remodel for us and we couldn't be happier with the results. The whole process from start to finish was seamless and so enjoyable.
- Jennifer A -
Leila and Rachel were outstanding and patient with us while we rebuilt our home. Every decision they advised was the right one and we are so very happy with our project!
- Sarah L -
We hired them to renovate our guest bedroom and were blown away by the results. The construction went incredibly smoothly - and actually ahead of schedule. I can't recommend the team highly enough!
- Julie L -
They remodeled our bathrooms. Leila understood our needs and worked with our budget. The experience was amazingly positive with no disruption to our personal life or my work schedule. Excellent all around.
- Munira J -
The entire staff was very easy to work with and always professional. The planning/design process prior to construction was done with such extreme detail that the actual project portion was flawless.
- Grace B -
Douglah Design were wonderful partners in designing two major remodeling projects, selecting materials, and ensuring that execution of the project was as expected.
- Stephanie B -
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