August 10, 2017

Robern Offers Total Storage Solutions for Your Bathroom

Think about your bathroom for a moment… When planning your remodel you’d probably consider upgrading all the usual suspects: the shower or tub, flooring, toilet, basin, faucet and light fixtures, right? Well there’s another step you can take to turn your bathroom into the dream space you’ve always imagined: you can upgrade your storage.

We’re big fans of the Robern Cabinet and Vanity lines here at Douglah Designs. Why? Because they offer innovative features and user customizations in ultra-stylish packages. When you include Robern products in your remodel, you’re transforming not only the look of your bathroom but also the way it functions.

Robern Medicine Cabinets Combine Beauty with Utility

Medicines cabinets have never been the sexiest part of your remodel. In fact the words usually evoke a utilitarian object that lacks the style and sophistication you’re probably looking for. But believe us when we say, Robern has fundamentally changed the medicine cabinet, and the right one could change the way you use your bathroom.

With eight different models – each in their own range of sizes – you’ll have no problem finding a cabinet that matches your space and aesthetic. But that’s only part of the equation. The Robern difference really begins to shine once you’ve opened your cabinet.

Instead of a series of simple shelves, Robern Cabinets offer robust interior storage options so your most-used items are always at your fingertips. They include magnetic strips for keeping small metal objects like tweezers and nail clippers nearby, organization shelves dedicated to razor handles, cosmetics, or contact lens cases, and integrated lock boxes to protect valuables or keep dangerous prescription medicine out of your children’s hands. In many models you can also include USB device charging ports or 110v electrical outlets that power your hairdryer or curling iron.

Imagine opening your medicine cabinet each morning to find everything you need in the same spot as yesterday. No more searching through drawers for that mascara you swore you saw two days ago. Robern makes it possible.

Innovative Features You Never Knew You Needed

Beyond the clever use of interior space, Robern Cabinets also feature innovations you never knew you needed. Items like pull-out magnifying mirrors, programmable night lights, and mirror defoggers are available in many Robern models. Other’s take innovation to breathtaking new levels.

The AiO model, for example, incorporates an invisible speaker system into its mirror that you can control with any Bluetooth device. The model line also offers a one-touch task lighting system with controls integrated into the mirror itself. Add to that the USB ports and electrical outlets and the AiO become your home’s newest high-tech hub.

Smart Storage Comes Standard

In addition to their cabinets, Robern’s Curated Cartesian Vanity line also comes with the same sharp styling and handy function. Available in a variety of widths and color combinations, and featuring beautiful class and engineered stone finishes, and an option LED night light, there’s a Robern vanity perfect for any space.

Open the drawers and Robern’s trademark attention to detail is on full display. Spacious drawers, tip-out storage, and in-drawer electric all serve to eliminate clutter and make your daily routine a pleasure.

Let Douglah Designs Be Your Remodeling Guide

By carefully selecting the right Robern cabinet and vanity combination, you’ll be transforming your bathroom into a beautiful, modern space with smart storage built right in. If you’re ready to begin, Douglah Designs can help. Our in-house design and installation team have the skill, experience, and industry relationships to make your project the dream-come-true it should be. Call us today (925) 284-4560 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get started!

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