June 07, 2017

Make Your Clean Countertop Dream Come True

Tame the Tangle

We all dream of achieving that clean-counter look featured in design magazines. You know the one. The quartz kitchen counters cleared of everything except a coffee maker, sleek hand soap dispenser, and tastefully arranged floral bouquet. Or the office desk featuring nothing more than an open laptop and a stylish family photo.

But with all the devices and tools we use everyday, that kind of organization seems impossible to achieve. Fortunately for fans of clean lines, Docking Drawer is here to solve one of the most nagging organizational issues of them all: pesky charging cords.

Clean Lines

This innovative product allows you pull your cell phones, tablets, or other commonly used devices off your countertops or desks and into your drawers. How? Docking Drawer is an electrical outlet you mount to the back of any drawer, allowing you to charge, power, and store your devices out of sight.

Imagine stashing your cell phone in a kitchen drawer while you’re making dinner. Or storing it in your desk while you’re under deadline. With Docking Drawer, your cell, tablet, or laptop stays out of the way while it’s charging but remains within easy reach if needed.

A Docking Drawer for Every Need

Docking Drawer charging outlets come in four different series designed to fit drawers between 2 and 5 inches deep.

  • The Blade series fits drawers 2 inches deep and includes two USB charging ports and two AC outlets.
  • The Slim series fits drawers 3 inches deep and includes two USB and two AC outlets.
  • The USB Narrow series fits drawers 3-5 inches deep and features four USB charging ports.
  • The Docking Drawer series fits drawers 4 inches deep and includes two USB and two AC outlets.

If you’re powering hair dryers, curling irons, or anything requiring 20 amps of service, the Powering Docking Drawer will best serve your needs. These outlets feature two AC outlets and a Ground Fault Interrupter for added safety.

Docking Drawers are designed with a hinged guiding arm that keeps cords from tangling as you open and close your drawers. As you’re choosing your own outlet, use your drawer depth as a guide so your drawers can open all the way.

A Safe Solution

Docking Drawers are designed to be convenient, stylish, and most importantly safe. These outlets are ETL listed, which means they’ve been tested by independent testing laboratories recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health administration.

What’s more, Docking Drawer tests well beyond prescribed product safety standards. More specifically, a standard cycle test is 25,000. Docking Drawers test to 500,000, which is the equivalent of a drawer opening and closing every 15 minutes for 30 years. And according to the manufacturer, they’ve never had a Docking Drawer returned because it failed to pass inspection.

That means you can rest assured that this innovative product will be a safe and reliable addition to your home.


Docking Drawer is so versatile, there’s a near endless number of ways it can be used. If you’d like help including this product into your new home or remodeling project, the designers at Douglah Designs can help.
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