Luxurious Bathrooms: Our Approach To Your Dream Oasis

At Douglah Designs, we believe that a bathroom should be a blissful sanctuary to come home to, offering a relaxing and luxurious haven to freshen up. We have experience working with hundreds of different homeowners across the Lamorinda area to design and build their dream bathrooms. We’ve outlined some of our favorite projects — from master baths to powder rooms — and how we accomplished our clients’ goals.

Elegant Retro Elements

Master bathroom remodel in Lafayette, California

This client wanted a complete revamp of their master bath to combine a luxury feel with a retro twist. They have a larger space, and wanted to bring about more personality to the shower area in a way that would still feel light and airy.

It’s all the in details! Did you catch the floral backsplash behind the vanity?


Our clients loved how effortlessly the sea foam green walls and cabinets paired with grey flooring and surfaces.

Glass block has been around forever: it was first introduced in the 1930’s, reemerged in the 1980’s, and has since made an impactful comeback that we believe will last for years to come. Our clients love how easy glass block showers are to clean and maintain, and they provide an eye catching and beautiful focal point to a large space.

Maximizing Small Spaces

Our client appreciated having the extra countertop space and storage to the left of the sink.


Most of us would love a spacious bathroom to unwind in, but sometimes we have to work with what we have! There’s so many ways to make smaller bathrooms feel and look bigger, including design elements like large mirrors, neutral color palettes and free-standing vanities.

The freestanding sink basin allows for maximum counter space in this powder room.


This client loved how we were able to pair the classic Mediterranean elements they desired with the freestanding vanity and multi-colored subway tile to bring this petite powder room up to its full potential.

A small vanity and detailed tile pattern can create the look and feel of a larger space.


We have an entire blog post that breaks down best practices for maximizing the space in your bathroom. Click here to read our guide!

Warm and Traditional

To create a welcoming oasis, we went with a warm, neutral color palette to invoke a traditional and inviting atmosphere. Thoughtfully implemented details like the patterned tile floor and dark brushed brass hardware accessories add cozy finishing touches to this master bath.

The client was concerned that a warmer room would feel too dark. They loved how the large mirrors reflect plenty of natural light to brighten up the space.

In another bathroom in the same home, we maintained elements cohesive with the traditional feel in the master bath such as this beautiful stone countertop; however,  we brought more detail to this smaller space with a multicolored tile pattern. Note how large mirror visually enlarges the room!

Familiarize Yourself With Our Approach

Still daydreaming about your own ultimate at-home spa retreat? Take a look at our Bathroom Remodels page on our website to see our broad portfolio of projects!