Make a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

If you wish a bathroom in your home could be a little larger without adding more square footage, here are a few design tips to make your bath look and feel more spacious.
Freestanding or wall-hung vanity: Replacing wall-to-wall built-in cabinetry that goes down to the floor with a delicate free-standing pedestal, a furniture-style freestanding vanity, or a sleek wall-hung vanity will make the bathroom floor space appear larger (try Furniture Guild). Being able to see the flooring continue underneath the vanity, as well as space around the sides of the vanity, will give the illusion of a larger room, or at least a less cramped one. Remove extra wall shelves and accessories that cut into the space.
Select a fresh color palate: Clean neutrals, fresh whites, and soft “cool” colors can make your bathroom look more spacious. Strong colors on the walls will shrink your space.
Keep it clean: Stick to a clean, minimalist style when choosing fixtures and finishes. Reduce décor in the room; try only one piece of art instead of several small ones. Store toiletries away instead of on tub and sink surrounds and other surfaces.
More light: Adding more lighting to the bathroom, such as recessed cans and wall sconces, will brighten and therefore open up the space.
Glass and mirrors: Glass accent tiles and a large mirror can help pick up light in the room. Better yet, use a mirrored medicine cabinet that’s fully recessed into the wall (try Robern cabinets) for extra storage without taking up extra floor or wall space. Always choose clear glass instead of frosted glass, especially for the shower door, to keep the bathroom more open.
Choose the right tiles: Stick with larger scale tiles instead of busy mosaics. Try rectangular floor tiles like 12” x 24” and run them length-wise down the bathroom so the space appears to continue. White subway tiles on the tub/shower walls provide a clean yet timeless look. Choose grout colors that match the tiles if you are using small tiles, as contrasting grout lines can visually shrink the bathroom’s floor space.

This wall-hung vanity by Furniture Guild is one of my favorite options for a small bathroom.

At only 18″ wide, these little Ronbow vanities will fit in the tightest of spaces, and are more functional (and beautiful) than a pedestal sink.

Robern medicine cabinets are the perfect solution for hidden storage in small bathrooms.

Pull it all together: the combination of a white pallette, a clear glass tub enclosure, a pedestal sink, and lots of light make this tiny Pinterest bathroom appear spacious.