April 19, 2021

Our Favorite Bathroom Products for Promoting Health & Wellness

Over the past several years, we’ve seen the interior design industry shift steadily toward wellness. Design has always been a beautiful blend of aesthetics and function, but especially in the last year, the biggest demand we have on our homes is to support our health and happiness!

One thing we can all agree on — bathrooms are the best spaces in our home for promoting wellness. It is the place where we wake up and get ready for the day, cool off after a yoga class or run, or wind down with a relaxing bath after a long workday. 

Our bathrooms do quite a bit for our mental and physical health, and a few small touches can elevate your space to a totally blissful and undeniably healthful experience. Come take a look at some of our favorites, offered right here at Luxe Home…

Scala Bathtub by Bain Ultra

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Nothing promotes health and wellness like a relaxing soak in a premium bathtub. The Scala Bathtub by Bain Ultra offers a wide variety of therapies that soothe the senses. From hydro-thermo massages to chromatherapy (light therapy), thermotherapy (heat therapy), and aromatherapy (scent therapy). Add some cucumber water and relaxing music, and all 5 of your senses will be floating on cloud nine.

iStream3 by Mr. Stream

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Steam showers offer a wide range of health benefits. It has been shown to decrease inflammation, promote more restful sleep, cleanse the skin, lower stress levels, soothe muscles, increase circulation, boost metabolism, and more. Who knew hot water vapor could do all that?? 

Before, you could only find steam treatments in fitness clubs and spas. Now, the iSteam3 by Mr. Steam allows you to have that experience right at home. With a nearly-flush wall mount, this award-winning control is the most technologically advanced steam shower control available. To enhance your steam experience, you can combine it with aromatherapy, chromatherapy, and music therapy. Speaking of…


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Our sense of smell affects our mood almost instantly. When you’re having a relaxing steam bath, imagine infusing it with delightful, invigorating, and aromatic fragrances, such as stimulating eucalyptus, relaxing lavender, grounding rosemary, or invigorating lemon. Mr. Steam’s AromaSteam System is the most effortless and effective way to infuse your fragrances into your steam shower and your life! 


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Did you know that different wavelengths of light (color) can affect your mood? The color blue is known to calm us, red is considered an invigorating color, and green is meant to promote feelings of harmony and health. Mr. Stream’s Chromatography System allows you to transform your environment to fit exactly what you need.

Music Therapy

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The perfect bathing experience is one that stimulates all senses, so no relaxing steam shower is complete, without soothing music. Mr. Steam also offers a high-quality, vapor-sealed sound system that you can install in your shower. Hello, fabulous and totally healthy shower routine!

Neorest®  750H Dual Flush Toilet by TOTO

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Yep, toilets have become intelligent! The TOTO Neorest is truly a revolutionary and innovative piece of technology, a “smart toilet,” if you will. With an integrated UV light, heated seat, and warm deodorizer spray, it delivers an unparalleled sense of relaxation to you in the most comforting and refreshing ways possible. 

Nuheat Custom Floor Mats by nVent Nuheat

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Have you ever stepped onto a heated bathroom floor on a cold morning? If you haven’t, it is the same feeling as clean sheets still warm from the dryer or biting into a freshly-baked cookie. If you have experienced it, well, then you know! The nVent Nuheat Floor Heating System combines a feeling of comfort with energy-efficient heating technology. With the perfect warm and cozy bathroom environment, the rest of your day is likely to be just as delightful.

Brilliance ™ LED Lighted Mirror

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If you’ve ever experienced an LED-lighted mirror, then you know there’s no going back! It’s energy-efficient and much easier to see (for perfect makeup application or a danger-free shaving experience). We love the Brilliance™ Mirror. It’s the most energy-efficient LED mirror you can find and the slim profile looks classy in spaces of all styles!

Ready for a home that supports your health?

If health and wellness in the home are your top priority, we’ve got your back. Stop by Luxe Home by Douglah Designs, and let our talented designers assist you in selecting the best-suited wellness products for your bathroom’s shape and style and your lifestyle.

Until next time!

The Luxe Home Team

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