May 03, 2018

Don’t Take Our Word for It: Why Our Clients Love Us

For more than 20 years, we’ve put in the hard work to provide our clients with high quality and dependable services that exceed expectations and make dream homes a reality. Completing a project is absolutely rewarding. But it’s also meaningful to know how much of an impact we’re making on our clients’ lives. In today’s blog post, we are sharing some kind words of enthusiasm from our clients about how Douglah Designs’ concierge service and high quality has shaped their remodelling experience and brought their vision to life.

We Offer Quality in a One-Stop-Shop Experience

We not only commit ourselves to delivering the highest quality in the finished product, but also to ensuring that every detail along the way is considered and addressed by our team. From initial design concepts through construction, we assume responsibility for the entire project and manage every detail including budgeting, scheduling, ordering products and obtaining permits. We are meticulously prepared for each and every client interaction, and believe that this attention to detail, among other things, is what allows us to create projects at such high quality.

“The quality is top-notch. It’s the best. I could give the keys to my house and turn them over to Douglah Designs and know that it’s going to be done! Having the one-stop aspect with the materials, with the design, with the team that builds out…you don’t have to stress about anything. It’s done for you. You just get to come home to a beautiful home at the end.” – Jude Fenz

Our In-House Team is Passionate and Creative

Our expert luxury home remodeling team consists of more than thirty designers, architects, product specialists and a full in-house construction team. This breadth of experience gives us the tools to offer our clients beautiful and creative solutions to their design-build aspirations that uniquely manifest their vision for their own home. We’re committed to helping our clients make the right choices to make their home uniquely theirs. It’s in our DNA.

“They were ready to fine tune all of my choices; there was always another option that took us where we needed to go.” – Heather Stead

“We didn’t have to come up with everything from scratch of what we liked and disliked; we were guided in the right direction.” – Scott Anderson

We’re On Time. Period.

We understand how a remodelling project affects our clients’ day-to-day at home—and how much they look forward to enjoying their newly renovated space! Beautifully finished work takes time, but we’re committed to respecting yours by maintaining thorough communication and transparency through every step of the process. Our unfailing attention to timeline is what drives our 95% success rate of delivering projects on-time.

“For two working parents with two kids, it was the best experience that we could have had. We not only saved our time but our sanity for getting a really quality project done without having to think too much.” – Scott Anderson

“Everything was laid out– they had a timeline for us week-to-week with exactly what they were going to be doing, and there were no surprises. They had done all their due diligence beforehand, so we really didn’t run into any complications. They were literally finished on schedule!”  – Jenny Anderson

“If you’re going to do this, work with this group of people!” – Heather Stead

Ready To Make Your Vision a Reality?

Give us a call at (925) 284-4560 or fill out our contact form to introduce yourself. Get ready to make your dream home a reality! We can’t wait to meet you.

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