February 02, 2022

Our Newest Line: Watermark Designs for a Luxury Kitchen & Bathroom

Stunning faucets are an essential element of a luxury bathroom or kitchen, and the brand we want to share with you today has style in spades — Watermark Designs! But before we introduce you to their beautiful options, let us be very clear… Not every supplier makes the cut. 

Before we decide to carry product lines in our showrooms, we always vet each supplier, looking for…

  • Faucet designs with high-end, custom look and feel
  • A variety of styles for any household
  • Quality, trustworthy materials, especially the internal parts
  • Products that WE would be comfortable putting in our own homes!
  • A company that supports sustainability and water-saving designs

We’re happy to say that Brooklyn-based Watermark Designs fits the bill! They offer decorative plumbing fixtures, bathroom accessories, grab bars, shower drains, and elegant hardware for any beautiful bathroom or kitchen. From sparkling chrome to nickel to brushed brass, there’s something for every taste. Come take a look at these gorgeous faucets…

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Zen 36

The Zen 36 (above) is a beautiful gleaming faucet that features Watermark’s patent-pending magnetic handles that can be customized to look like stone, rock, or metal. Ingenious! This faucet design would pair perfectly with an elegant marble sink and/or a more modern aesthetic. We love it.



H-Line 115

The H-Line 115 was designed in collaboration with renowned interior designer Mark Zeff. It’s an angular piece of art for your sink, one that blends an industrial lean with smoothed edges bordering on modern. This faucet adds rich character and would be great in transitional spaces, where modern meets traditional.


Watermark Anaka 30

Anika 30

The Anika 30 is an exquisite design with all-metal dual-levers or dual cross-handles. The dramatic arch is a beautiful addition to a transitional or modern bathroom or kitchen design. Best of all? You can select the perfect match for your interiors…with 31 finishes to choose from!



Brooklyn 31

Based in Brooklyn, Watermark Designs took its inspiration for this faucet design from the mid-century apartment blocks surrounding their studio. The Brookly 31 mixes function and modern design with gate valve-inspired handles. This option would look great in a modern kitchen or bathroom with a touch of edgy personality.



Lily 71

Lily 71 will be a sparkling jewel in any room in which you place her. With unique designs in a dimple pattern, an ogee or mermaid scale pattern, and a diamond pattern (shown above), the special details enhance its everyday elegance and head-turning appeal. Perfect for luxury spaces, especially in transitional style homes.



Elan Vital 38

The Elan Vital 38 is an award-winning range with an industrial aesthetic — and we recently featured it here! The faucet is a throwback to commercial ball valves and plumbing unions, but with a minimalist style. The Elan Vital is Watermark’s newest collection and it’s entirely customizable. This faucet may look vintage, but it includes the latest faucet technology, and we know you’ll love it.


Need help picking the perfect faucet?

That’s what we’re here for! We’d love to meet you in our Showroom in Downtown Lafayette, where our skilled team of designers can introduce you to the Watermark line, let you feel the quality with your own two hands, and help you select the perfect style for your home.

We can’t wait to meet you. See you there!

— The Luxe Home Team


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