December 14, 2021

How to Choose the Best Hardware & Our Top Product Picks

Are you on the hunt for the perfect faucet, showerhead, and hardware? If you’ve been inspired by your late-night Instagram scroll or have a Pinterest board full of your favorite looks, there are a few things you will want to consider before making a purchase.

Today, we’re showing you how to choose the perfect plumbing, along with some FAQ and a roundup of our hardware and plumbing favorites (scroll to the bottom to check them out)! 

Step 1. Choose the Right Style Hardware

First, make sure you choose a hardware style that complements your home’s architecture. Trust us, they need to feel cohesive. You may like a sleek modern faucet or showerhead, but if your home has traditional architecture, mismatching styles will result in a space that doesn’t look quite right. You can use the following as a guide:

  • Traditional home = traditional or transitional style hardware
  • Transitional home = transitional or modern style hardware
  • Mid-century modern home = modern style hardware

Step 2. Select a Metal Finish

Next step: choose a metal finish. This can be overwhelming because some companies offer over 25 different finishes to choose from! One of the most important considerations is how the metal will age. 

Be cautious: Some of the trending finishes have “living finishes.” That means that over time the finish morphs to change color. The change happens from the oil in our hands and from moisture in the air. For example, as dark oil-rubbed bronze ages, the brassy color from underneath starts coming through. Yikes!

If you’re concerned about long-term aesthetics, look for companies that offer PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) metal finish. PVD metal finish provides a lifetime warranty on the finish, and although it may cost more upfront, it protects your investment.

Am I able to customize my faucet selections?

Yes, with custom faucets, you can mix metals. Companies like California Faucet, Newport Brass, Gessi, Graff, and Watermark Designs allow you to pick and choose spout and handle options. They also have many colors to choose from with 25-30 finishes. 

Note: A custom option will cost more because it is one-of-a-kind and not off the shelf. While this option can look beautiful and trendy, it may not be as timeless as some other options. It’s your home, so your choice!


Step 3. Find Your Budget Match

The best approach to finding the right hardware for your budget is to set your price point before you head to the showroom. Let the salesperson know your price range, and they can guide you to the right brands. 

In general, faucets range from $50-$3,000. As always, price is proportional to quality, inside the hardware and out. For example, a lower-end faucet has plastic parts with rubber washers that will leak over time. On the other hand, high-end faucets have a longer lifespan due to better constructed internal pieces, such as brass and ceramic.

. You’ll also see that style, customization, and any features (like touch sensors) will cost more.

There are many options, so head to a professional who understands design to help you narrow down your choices. Better yet, bring a photo of your space into our showroom, so one of our designers can help you find the style and budget match for you.

Note: Be wary of online copycats! You may find plumbing fixtures you love in the showroom and find that you can buy something cheaper online that looks almost identical. Don’t be fooled by the price! Remember, if the price feels too good to be true, it probably is. 


Looking for a high-flow showerhead or faucet?

Before we share our favorite faucets, here is the #1 topic we get asked about in our showroom when homeowners are looking at faucets:

“I’m looking for a high-flow faucet.”

“Why is my water flow so low? My current faucet must not be very good.”

Here’s the thing…it’s not your faucet. It’s the Code requirements for water conservation that reduce the flow rate to low amounts, which leaves many homeowners beliving their water pressure has changed. The water pressure has remained the same, while the flow rate changes with current code requirements. 

Fortunately, several plumbing companies are combating the feeling of low water flow with technology to make it feel like you are getting more water than you are. For example, some showerheads inject air into the water to make the water flow feel stronger. Ask our designers about this option if it’s important to you!

Our Top Picks for Faucets & Hardware


  1. 8″ Widespread Lavatory Faucet by California Faucets / The industrial style red wheel handles are a great example of the fun and whimsical results you can get when you customize your faucets. 
  1. Elan Vital by Watermark Designs / This range has a throwback aesthetic with parts similar to commercial ball valves and plumbing unions. A fun take on industrial-inspired design.
  1. Inciso by Gessi / These elegant pieces are exceptionally well-made and functional. You will be able to rely on these faucets for years to come while maintaining quality and refined style. 
  1. Georgian Era Bridge Kitchen Faucet by Rohl / This tried-and-true company presents a high-quality faucet with a vintage style. Bonus: Matching accessories are available. 
  1. Davoli Kitchen Faucet with Squeeze Handle by California Faucets / This sleek faucet has traditional touches to blend modern and classic design. The custom finishes are high in style and functionality. 

Now that you’ve glimpsed some of our favorites, you may be ready to see them in person! Head down to our Showroom in Downtown Lafayette where our skilled team of designers can guide you to the best options to fit your price point and style needs.

See you there!

The Luxe Home Team

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