May 24, 2017

The Galley Workstation Will Transform Your Kitchen

A Constant Struggle

If you love to cook, you’ve probably spent hour after hour rearranging your kitchen. Cutting boards, bowls, and colanders have all lived on different shelves, in cabinets, or on tabletops. Cutlery and kitchen tools move from drawer to drawer while appliances migrate between counters in a never-ending search for added efficiency. But no matter how many changes you make, there’s never extra space to be found.
This problem is common in kitchens across America and is due in large part to the clutter caused by dozens of different items all designed to work independently from each other. But imagine instead designing your kitchen around a central workstation – comprised of customized components – operating as a hub where every task could be accomplished. Doesn’t that sound nice? Well The Galley was designed to do just that.


9/25/14 4:50:26 PM — Kitchen interiors of The Galley sink at Metro Appliance for Kitchen Ideas/The Galley
Photo by Shane Bevel


Endless Features

Made in the USA from 16 gauge double stainless steel, The Galley is tough enough to be the centerpiece of your indoor or outdoor kitchen. At its heart, The Galley is a sink with a double-tiered design that allows cutting boards, platforms, and racks to float above colanders and bowls. Want to prepare raw vegetables? Slide the cutting board between the colander and bowl and you can rinse, chop, and transfer your veggies all in one place. And when you’re done, just push the remnants directly from the cutting board into the sink below for disposal. And that’s just the benefits from a single layout. With over 50 different products in The Galley line, your customization options are nearly limitless.


9/25/14 6:23:08 PM — Kitchen interiors of The Galley sink at Metro Appliance for Kitchen Ideas/The Galley
Photo by Shane Bevel


Included with your Galley workstation is a culinary kit filled with cutting boards, deluxe colanders, platforms, drying racks, drain covers, and bowls so you’ll have dozens of set-up configurations on day one. You’ll also have the option of selecting from a host of other accessories – including knife blocks, condiments boards, basins, and more – all designed to work together to form your ideal kitchen workspace.
And you won’t need a commercial-sized kitchen to benefit from The Galley. With configurations including six single and four double bowl lengths, as well as a reversible side drain location, you’ll find a solution that fits your layout perfectly. You can also select your preferred finish options so your Galley workstation will look just as good as it performs.

Clear Advantages

Once you design and install your Galley workstation, you’ll quickly find it to be the most important and used appliance in your kitchen. You now have a space where you can prepare, serve, entertain, and clean up all in one convenient place. And that’s not all. The Galley will also make your kitchen a more social space. While a normal sink would subtract valuable kitchen space, a Galley workstation actually adds to it. That extra room allows others to join in and assist in the fun of preparing a meal, while the home’s head chef can stay more involved with family and guests. The Galley’s unique eye for design, nearly endless customization options, and its ability to bring people together will truly change the way you think about and use your kitchen.

Call Today for More Information on The Galley

Does The Galley sound like the perfect solution for your kitchen conundrums? If so, the Douglah Designs team is ready to show you how. Our design and installation professionals can work with you to create the perfect Galley for your unique space and install it with precision and care so your new workstation will always function when you need it to.
Call us today at at 925-284-1772 or fill out our contact form here and we’ll respond right away. When you speak with one of our designers, don’t forget to ask about the Galley Tap and Galley Dresser, both new this year and designed specifically to compliment your Galley Workstation. You’re one step closer to finally having the kitchen of your dreams. Don’t wait any longer!

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