Serving our Community

For more than 20 years, Douglah Designs has had the pleasure of getting to know hundreds of homeowners all across Lafayette and the Lamorinda area. Our clients have welcomed us not only into their homes but into their lives as well. Being a part of the community is a responsibility and an honor, and we believe it is an integral role of our business to give back as much as we can.

Lafayette Partners in Education

(Leila Douglah, representing Luxe Home, was the main sponsor of the 2018 LPIE Derby in Orinda, California.)

Recently, we sponsored the LPIE Derby, which benefited Lafayette Partners in Education. This incredible organization is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities in Lafayette’s public schools by providing funding for additional classes across all subjects and much needed classroom and on-campus resources. We believe access to a high-quality public education is an opportunity all children should have.

The funding that our public schools receive from the state of California isn’t enough to provide adequate resources for our students and it’s up to us, as a community, to fill that gap. Leila Douglah described during her speech at the LPIE Derby how her son benefited from Lafayette’s public schools. She remarked that watching him grow as a student and go on to lead a successful career wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful education that the community delivers to their students.

LPIE does outstanding work, and it’s been an absolute honor and privilege to continue to support them.

Habitat For Humanity East Bay

(Douglah Designs group photo during a Habitat for Humanity East Bay project in Walnut Creek.)

With Leila’s sponsorship as a team, Douglah Designs employees have participated in Habitat for Humanity East Bay, volunteering both our labor and talent. The experience brought us together as a team, and it was incredible being able to apply our unique skill set towards such an impactful cause. Leila Douglah has dedicated time to embark on solo trips to impoverished countries giving aid and assistance on more Habitat for Humanity builds. Next time you stop by, ask her about her incredible cement block building skills!

The Lindsay Wildlife Experience

(The Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek.)

We are big fans of the Lindsay Wildlife Experience, formerly known as the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. This critical organization is one of the United States’ oldest and largest wildlife rehabilitation centers. They have also created a family museum to further strengthen the community’s relationship with the natural world. Their team of veterinarians, staff and more than 500 volunteers work tirelessly to treat more than 5,600 injured and orphaned animals each year. With a large team depending solely on donations, we thought they deserved a revamped space to take a well-earned break. We completely gutted their entire kitchen and provided a remodeling project that we’re sure they’ll enjoy for many years to come. Who’s ready for lunch?

(Before-and-after photos of their kitchen area.)

We are sincerely grateful to our employees, clients and the entire community for our success, and it is our firm belief that with that success comes the responsibility to give back. We hold these organizations close to our heart! Please visit their websites to see how you can get involved and help us support them in their missions.