Project Spotlight: Mediterranean Touch

These clients came to us with a very rustic Mediterranean-style home with adobe walls. We began a discussion about a complete home makeover and sought to better understand their vision for the project. They liked the rustic feel, but wanted to update the general look. We understood they were envisioning Mediterranean, but with a new fresh perspective, in terms of cosmetics. And when it came to functionality, we agreed that significant changes to the layout were in order.

An updated perspective on a Mediterranean rustic home.

We did a major reconfiguration, starting with the kitchen and laundry room. Then, we created a mudroom and added a powder room. The result was that the nucleus of the house changed drastically to make it more pleasant when entertaining and more functional for day-to-day activities.

Every detail is designed with our client’s vision in mind.

Especially since part of the clients’ vision was hosting big meals a la méditerranéen, our favorite touch was a big, beautiful kitchen island that really became the center of gravity for the home. Another element that we loved was the inclusion of wood-like porcelain tiles. Since the clients wanted to retain the rustic feel of wood floors, but owned three dogs that would eat hardwood for breakfast, we arrived on these tiles to impart the warmth of wood but give the low maintenance of tile. No scratching or staining!

Wood-like porcelain tiles achieve a feeling of warmth while keeping the critters at bay!

In order to update the home to the energy efficiency standards of the 21st century, we replaced their old wood-burning fireplaces with new gas inserts that are much more energy efficient and effective at heating a space. Yet, in keeping with the rustic thrust of the project, we opted for a wrought iron finish.

A touch of Tuscany and a touch modern fireplace technology.

They loved all the tabarka tile we incorporated through the project, whether it be in the kitchen or the master suite. These are handmade, hand-painted tile, and we customized the color of the tile motif to get it just right to match their copper sinks, copper hood, taj mahal countertops.

Copper sinks with matching wooden mirror and rustic lighting.

The clients were not shy in letting us know how happy they were with the results. They reported that the space functions better for them, they have much more storage, they love the new finishes we incorporated, and that their hosting has a new dimension of charm that is bringing them a lot of joy. These are the kind of results we live for!