December 09, 2019

Luxurious Home Additions That Will Make You Wonder How You Ever Lived Without Them

Achieving optimum wellness and relaxation has never been so easy thanks to today’s emerging technologies that allow us to bring high-end spa therapies right into our home for a fraction of the price. Oh, and the convenience of not having to leave the house is a plus! Options for reducing stress, relieving pain and staying warm can be seamlessly integrated into our homes and lifestyles. Our designers describe their favorite health and wellness home additions that have changed their lives– and our clients’ lives, too.


Maximize Relaxation In a 6-Therapy Tub

BainUltra bathtub demonstrating their new ILLUZIO chromatherapy system


BainUltra’s Therapy bathtub incorporates every element of wellness into your bathing routine. Each of their six therapies can be used alone or combined to help you unwind and destress, improving your quality of life with every soak. 

Hydro-Thermal Massage: Enjoy an acupressure-based massage with strategically-placed jets for ultimate muscle relief.

Chromatherapy: This colorful therapy deploys six different hues: blue, violet, red, orange, yellow, and green, each calibrated at different frequencies that are scientifically proven to uniquely improve your physical and psychological condition. 

Aromatherapy: This therapy diffuses different essential oils that each work to reduce stress levels and boost your immune system. 

Light Therapy: The way our body is exposed to light affects our hormone cycle that impacts serotonin and melatonin production. Just ten minutes per day of light therapy can leave us feeling energized and refreshed!

Thermotherapy: Three different heating zones built into the inner shell of the tub heat core areas of the body, including the headrest, back and seat to relieve pain and tension.

Sound Therapy: Music of varying frequencies and wavelengths can balance our moods and address mild symptoms of depression. 

BainUltra describes each of these six therapies as personal care sessions that allow you to experience a new “art of living” centered around health, relaxation and optimum wellness. What our designers and clients love about BainUltra is that they really are the full package for at-home therapeutics– you’ll never have to pursue costly spa treatments again!


Turn Your Shower Into an All-Inclusive Sauna

BainUltra’s Vedana shower will forever change your shower routine– and let you cancel that spa membership, too! Five of the therapies enjoyed in the BainUltra bathtub are included in the Vedana unit so you can unwind and rejuvenate even if you’d rather skip the soak.


The Thermotherapy feature can reach up to 175 degrees, and acts like a dry-heat sauna, stimulating your metabolism and clearing your mind. The Vedana mounts to the wall and features manual controls, allowing you to customize your at-home pamper experience to meet your unique needs. Our designers like to describe the Vedana as the ultimate escape and sanctuary for your home. 


Cut Your Utility Bill With Heated Floors


Say goodbye to uncomfortably cold toes! NuHeat technology warms up your floors with radiant heat, making those long winter nights so much cozier. Radiant heat elevates your at-home living experience in such a simple, seamless way– you don’t have to opt for hot air that just blows dust around. NuHeat’s underfloor heating is easy to control with a WiFi-enabled thermostat.

And the best part? It’s more affordable than traditional heating. Underfloor heating warms your home across a larger surface area, which enables the use of a lower temperature than traditional heating. Lower temperatures equal a cheaper utility bill– it’s a win-win! Oh, and in case you were wondering, NuHeat can be installed under your shower floor. Does it get any better?

The best additions to our home are ones that make our lives easier, more enjoyable and contribute to our well-being. Contact us to talk with a designer and learn more about pursuing these luxury additions for your home!



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