December 20, 2018

Looking to 2019: Interior Ideas to Inspire in the New Year

With so many different interior design trends flashing across TV, social media and magazines, we understand the creative paralysis that many homeowners experience when choosing an aesthetic for their home improvement project. We often hear, “What is trending right now?” And, “What’s a look that won’t go out of style too soon?” To inspire you as we move into 2019, we surveyed current interior design trends, both forward-thinking and classic, and chronicled them here in the Douglah Designs blog.

Black is Back!

(By Estee Design).

Black has developed an outdated reputation for making spaces feel smaller, but when applied thoughtfully, this powerful color can give your home a cozy and dramatic ambience. Matte black cabinetry with glossy, shiny surfaces can bring unparalleled glam to your kitchen!

(By Douglah Designs).

This Douglah Designs client appreciates the rich, timeless aesthetic the black countertops bring to their kitchen. Black also allows you to pop a secondary color, so you don’t have to shy away from your favorite bold hue. Let’s get cooking!

(By James Merrell).

We’re absolutely loving the moody, modern farmhouse look that these black doors and trim bring to this laundry room! Paired with light-colored neutrals and lots of windows, black can be a refreshing color to highlight in your home. Don’t be afraid to turn to the dark side!

Tile Backsplashes are Here for Good – and Better Than Ever!

(Kitchen by Tanya Rynicke. Tile backsplash from Walker Zanger).

Bold, geometric shapes are popular choices for a tile backsplash thanks to their ability to bring lots of energy and a fun personality to any kitchen or bathroom. There’s never a dull moment in this wet bar!

(By Douglah Designs).

A neutral tile backsplash can be the perfect final touch to complement a warm color scheme. It can be helpful to choose a tile that matches one of the surfaces in your space, and then to pick another tile similar in color with a deeper or lighter value to complete the tile pattern.

(By 3 Fold Design. Tile backsplash from Walker Zanger).

Detailed, hand painted tile adds interest to an otherwise simple palette. An open, airy space much like the kitchen pictured above is tied together beautifully with a gentle splash of color.

Lighten Up!

(By David A. Land).

Flooring is something that doesn’t change in style quite as often as other aspects of interior design, but thanks to improving technologies, the trends are starting to evolve! We’re seeing lots of lighter-colored flooring options, perhaps because of homeowners’ desires to have refreshing, open spaces. Light colored floors tend to reflect a lot of light and make a room look larger, as well!

(By Douglah Designs).

This light to medium-colored wood floor allows the unique architecture of the home to stand out on its own without distraction, and welcomes the natural light by the dining room table.

(Floors by Godfrey Hirst).

Light-colored floors can beautifully complement a neutral color scheme and help to enlarge the visual space in any home. We love how light and airy this space is, paired with natural wood stools and lots of white!

Don’t Sweat It

(Our client loved the black countertop and fun tile backsplash!)

The bottom line: don’t worry about what’s considered trendy, or what’s “in” or “out”. What we love to do here at Douglah Designs is channeling what our clients like and want to see in their ideal dream home. Bringing your vision to life is what we do best! We hope these examples have you inspired for your 2019 home improvement project – don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation to bounce more ideas!


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