Core Values

We have integrity in all that we do.

We are honest, respectful and take ownership of each project, big or small. We do our best to be non-intimidating to both our clients and our peers.

We recognize our differences make us stronger.

We embrace the values that diversity adds to innovation and growth, and encourage individual expression of ideas and opinions.

We strive for excellence.

Not just do we take pride in our work with a “can-do” attitude, we also work smart and productively.

We are dedicated to the client “WOW” experience.

At Douglah Designs, the client is always first. Our reputation always outweighs profit. Our goal is to have our client not only come back again and again for each project, but also to refer their friends and family to us because of their positive experience with us.

We are team players.

With humility, we help each other for the greater good of the company. This is across the board; the office staff helps the field staff and the field staff helps the office staff, remembering that our actions affect more than ourselves.

We give back.

At Douglah Designs, we are grateful to our employees, our clients and our community for our success. We understand that with success comes the responsibility to give back in any way we can. We give back; whether it is time, money or support, to the community and to each other.

We have fun.

A happy team is a productive team and a good laugh is infectious. We are all in this together; everyone contributes to a cheerful atmosphere.