Love Your Laundry Room, Not Your Laundry!

We tackle the most important weekly chore in the laundry room, yet it often remains the most overlooked space in the house. Perhaps you’ve seen those luxurious laundry rooms on Instagram, but you don’t know where to begin– have no fear! Our designers at Douglah Designs have drawn out starting points to steer you in the right direction towards your dream space.

Define Your Goals

(by Kate Walker Design).

The number one complaint we hear from homeowners about their laundry room is a lack of space, or perhaps, space that’s underutilized. Some of us are lucky enough to have a large laundry room, but more often than not, we’re stuck working with what we’ve got. If you wish you had more counter space, an excellent solution is to store your washer and dryer underneath a new, upgraded surface. Hint: you can often squeeze a sink in between them for convenience!

(Design by Sheryl Sanders).

Do you really, really need more storage options? We feel you. On the wall next to your washer and dryer, a hanging organizer can keep your most used items right in reach and offer a rustic feel to your space.


Even in small spaces, cabinetry storage can be reimaged to store linens or organize your loads without the eyesore of dirty laundry… ah, the joys of Sunday!

Think Outside the Box

(Design by Ashlee Cravens).

The laundry room has the capacity to meet so many needs in our house, so get creative! If you have a big dog, you understand the struggle of wrestling with a muddy buddy after a trip to the park. Keep Rover’s mess – and your sanity – contained with a dog washing station right in your laundry room.

(Laundry room by Estudio Moira).

Talk about maximizing space. Say goodbye to the pain of dealing with a clunky drying rack by hanging it from the ceiling or hiding it in a drawer. When you’re done, it pops right back in place. Genius!

(By Inspired Closets by Tom).

(Design by Lindsay Dean).

If you have a spare wall in your laundry room or in the hallway, you can transform even just a few feet into a mini mudroom with hooks for coats and purses, baskets for dirty shoes and a place to sit down.

Design with Color in Mind

(Design by Laura Davidson).

Getting the laundry done doesn’t have to be a bore– enjoy the space you’re in! We’re seeing lots of retro-style pastels colliding with rustic wood and “statement” cabinetry colors that wow.

(Photo from

Seeking bold on a budget? A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into the room for a lighter price tag than an entire remodel. For a budget with some wiggle room, a patterned tile floor can add visual interest and that extra “pop” to transform your laundry room into a space totally unique from the rest of your home.

(From Coastal Living. Photographer: Carmel Fasano Brantley).

We’re inspired by fun laundry rooms that contrast the rest of the house simply because the homeowner felt like creating a room that stands entirely on its own. Get lost in a vibrant space that’s truly enjoyable to spend time in!

At Douglah Designs, we believe every room of your home should not only meet your needs – but exceed them – and look fantastic at the same time. To learn more about our approach to interior design and architecture in the Lamorinda area, visit our website.