September 06, 2022

5 Jaw-Dropping Chandeliers from Schonbek Lighting Company


When you think of crystal chandeliers, what comes to mind? Illuminating spaces in the Palace of Versailles? That once-in-a-lifetime visit to Buckingham Palace? Or maybe you’re picturing the grand entrance at the White House?

It’s no secret that these well-known sites feature dazzling lighting that creates an elegant, dramatic, and unforgettable aesthetic. But fortunately, eye-catching crystal chandeliers aren’t just for traditional settings and royalty…

Anyone with good taste — yep, that means you! — can display these sparkling, stunning beauties in their home. And when it comes to crystal chandeliers, Schonbek Lighting Company takes the cake.



Reasons to Love Schonbek Lighting Company

Schonbek is more than just a lighting company. It’s an age-old tradition of designing and manufacturing the most breathtaking and luxurious crystal chandeliers. Founded in Bohemia in 1870, Schonbek’s heirloom chandeliers grace the interiors of some of the most famous residences worldwide, including none other than Buckingham Palace and the White House. (See?) But these days, they aren’t all traditional.

You’ll find selections that range from classic elegance to contemporary cool, each adorned with handcrafted details to remember. Today we’re featuring 5 of our favorite styles from the Schonbek Collection, and you may be surprised to see that there is an option to match any interior. Come take a look…

1. The Baronet

Laundry room in luxury home

The simple elegance of the Baronet crystal chandelier will instantly elevate any room in your home. The clusters of handcrafted crystals in the shape of a diamond reflect light in every direction and infuse your space with a sophisticated ambiance. The Baronet is perfect for creating a welcoming entryway, inviting dining and living spaces, or simply adding a touch of luxury into a bedroom.

2. Camelot


If you’re looking to make a statement, Camelot is your answer. The modern opulence of this crystal chandelier will add elegance to your grand front entry or drama to your large, formal dining room. We can guarantee that as soon as your guests catch a glimpse, they will be saying, “Wow!”

3. Devotion


Searching for the perfect pendants over your kitchen island? Here they are! Devotion offers a more streamlined twist on the use of crystal. This modern beauty features matte black metal combined with a gorgeous crystal front and center. This simple, clean-lined style is the perfect way to infuse pure elegance into your home without going over the top.

4. Crystal Empire Rustic


Like we said, there’s something for every style! The authentic character of the Crystal Empire Rustic chandelier exudes timeless, natural beauty. Beautiful full-grain leather is thoughtfully draped to form a soft, open teardrop shape, and bohemian crystal accents bring the sparkle. In the center, you’ll find a stunning, large crystal pendant to create a radiant focal point. Refined, rustic elegance…what’s not to love?

5. Solitude


The Solitude chandelier features a unique design and dramatic character you can’t help falling in love with. With its aged brass center (also available in antique nickel) and the glimmering spears of optic haze crystals, the Solitude is the perfect conversation piece to bring radiant energy into your modern dining room.


Need help deciding on the perfect crystal chandelier? 

We’re here for you! You don’t have to live in Buckingham Palace to experience the beauty and elegance of Schonbek Lighting. And while there is a wide variety of styles that span across traditional, rustic, and modern, it’s never a bad idea to have an experienced guide to assist you with your purchase.

Stop by our showroom in Downtown Lafayette, and one of our top-notch designers will guide you through finding something perfect for your home. We can’t wait to see you!

Until next time,

The Luxe Home Team

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