August 20, 2018

5 Envy-Worthy Luxury Bathroom Additions

When it comes to bathrooms, our goal is often to create a dreamy haven in which to luxuriate and relax. Many homeowners come to us with wishlists and ideas for their bathroom improvement projects and over the years we’ve found a handful of tried-and-true luxury products we adore and recommend. You didn’t know you needed these, did you? Once our clients take the plunge with these bathroom additions, they can’t imagine their lives without them!

5-Therapy Steam Shower

BainUltra’s VEDANA Care Unit is the all-in-one shower experience that every homeowner can use and love. Clients often tell us they want a steam shower and when they do, we always point them towards the Vedana. With aromatherapy, chromatherapy, light therapy, dry therapy and sound therapy, you experience five times the functionality of a typical steam shower and it’s more budget-friendly.

“It has dry heat to replace your sauna or steam, and it has daylight with Vitamin D,” says Laura Arkell, Designer and Sales Associate at Luxe Home. “This wellbeing unit gives you more therapies that you wouldn’t normally get with just the steam shower…and it’s half the cost.”

WetStyle’s Sinks and Tubs

Gorgeous sink options for two don’t have to be boring! WetStyle’s bold and original designs shake up any bathroom with their own eco-friendly natural stone. Sleek, clean, modern and elegant don’t even begin to cover it. We’ve seen both residential homes and hotels enjoy the added luxury that WetStyle’s products have to offer.

We can’t decide which view is better: The hills of Los Angeles or WetStyle’s Cube Tub and Vessel Sink?


Waterfall Shower Head

Since winning the Interior Design Award for Best Bathroom Accessories in December 2014, GRAFF’S Ametis Ring shower head has become a luxury staple in showers all over the world.

This shower head has two features that create both a “rain” affect and a “waterfall” effect. GRAFF engineered a high-tech lighting system to accompany the water flow that boasts full-spectrum LED chromatherapy with six colors to create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere.

Victoria + Albert Baths Freestanding Tubs

Victoria + Albert Baths is known worldwide for their exquisite freestanding bathtubs that redefine the entire style of your bathroom— or front porch! With tub styles that range from modern to contemporary to traditional, V+A has endless options for a deep, sumptuous soak.  

Victoria + Albert Baths’ Amiata tub in a matte black finish.


Native Trails’ Sinks + Vanities

Throughout our collective design experience here at Luxe Home, we’ve found that  Native Trails’ luxury home products boast unparalleled quality, functionality and charm. What we love most about them: their products are handcrafted from natural, sustainable materials such as recycled copper, concrete and reclaimed wood.

Their stunning natural wood vanities are a favorite among our clients for how much they carry the aesthetic in any space. They pack a beautiful punch with a captivating power to visually enlarge a small bathroom!

On our blog, we frequently share with interior design lovers our favorite luxury products that have proven to “wow” and transform not only our clients’ homes but their lives as well. Stay tuned for more of the best products from our showroom!

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