What’s Old is New Again: Modern Twists on Retro Designs

Vintage and retro styles are having a rockstar-like comeback in interior design, and there are endless ways of modernizing these elements to mesh with our present-day contemporary homes. From funky shapes to wacky walls, we discuss a few classic looks from eras past and how they can offer a classy touch of nostalgia that’s truly timeless.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

(One of the many rooms in Elvis Presley’s famous Graceland Mansion near Memphis, Tennessee).

Feel familiar? One style that’s coming back to life in different forms is mirrored backsplashes! There are a few ways of incorporating this bold look in your home – you don’t need to install floor-to-ceiling mirrors famously seen in Elvis’s Graceland Mansion.

(Design by Shelley Johnstone).

Thin horizontal mirrors can add light and dimension to a home bar, seen above.

(Design by Mowlem & Co.)

Not interested in watching yourself gavotte? Choosing small mirrored tiles instead of large panels can visually break up the reflective aesthetic with glimmering texture. A fantastic option for a plain wall in a room where you’d like to add a burst of energy!

Throwback Tubs and Showers

Freestanding tubs are perhaps one of the easiest ways to transform a modern bathroom. This double slipper tub provides a chic focal point to this master bath by perfectly contrasting the straight lines and neutral white palette already present in the space. While this particular tub is modernized, you can opt for a freestanding tub with intricate claw feet for a striking throwback.

Glass block just keeps coming back, and we think it’s here to stay! This style was first introduced in the 1930’s, reemerged in the 1980’s, and has since made its return in both commercial and residential architecture. Glass blocks now come in several different colors and shapes for a unique, eclectic look. Our clients also love how glass block walls can also visually enlarge the room, giving your master bathroom the luxurious feel you’re looking for.

Groovy Kitchens

This client wanted to add a 70’s flair to their sleek and minimalistic home. In their kitchen, they loved how the thin, rectangular-shaped tile pattern and warm hues offer a retro nudge while clean lines and ceiling can lights provide a smart and modern touch.

Introducing bold colors and shapes into your space is a simple way to maintain the aesthetic of your home while adding just a pop of retro. The hand blown glass pendant lights in cobalt blue draw the eye and bring about a whimsical personality in this kitchen. This client also incorporated contemporary art to modernize the space.

We recall fondly the design elements we grew up with in our childhood home and what we saw in popular culture. Vintage and retro styles have earned a reputation of being outdated, but you don’t have to shy away from old-school looks that you still love. At Douglah Designs, we help you design your dream home to reflect exactly who you are! As the King of Rock & Roll himself once sang, “Home is where the heart is”. Visit our About page on the website to learn more about our personalized approach to home design.