March 15, 2021

How to Choose Tiles & A Roundup of Our Favorites

Tiles are such an incredible and versatile design element to incorporate into your home. The right colors and patterns can create timelessness, elegance, playfulness, softness, or any mood you hope to inspire in the space. 

At Luxe Home by Douglah, we’ve found that most of our clients visit us for tiles (and other design elements) that feel special. Of course, we’ve all seen the many applications of the classic white subway tile, but when you can find a style that captures your interest and feels one-of-a-kind, that’s where the magic happens! 

We pride ourselves on offering a vast selection of tile designs and colors that have a story to tell. We also focus on the quality of our tile selections to ensure that — no matter the application — our tile will stand the test of time. 

To help you better understand your tile options and how you can incorporate them into your space, we’ve pulled together…

  • A roundup of 7 tiles that have won the hearts of our team and clients alike
  • Answers to our clients’ biggest FAQs

Come soak up some beauty, creativity, and the next step toward your dream home…

Tile #1: Elevated Honeycomb Tile

Elevated Honeycomb Tile


Stellar Boka by Sonoma Tilemakers offers an interesting new play on the traditional honeycomb tile. Available in multiple colors, this subtle yet eye-catching design is perfect for a kitchen backsplash or shower wall accent where it will add subtle dimension.

Tile #2: High-Contrast Geometric

High-Contrast Geometric


Duomo Grey by Artistic Tile is a Waterjet pattern that pairs geometric design with high contrast to create the illusion of depth. Inspired by Italy’s majestic cathedrals (the Duomo in Florence, anyone?), the tile’s crispness and grandeur make it perfect for a floor installation your guests won’t soon forget.

Tile #3: Hand-Painted Terracotta

Hand-Painted Terracotta


Rue de Rosier 17 by Tabarka Studio is hand-painted terracotta tile, making no two tiles the same! In a combination of Charcoal, Oxford, and Latte on an off-white background, these tiles would be perfect for a wall niche or kitchen backsplash.

Tile #4: A New Take on Mixed Materials

A New Take on Mixed Materials


Did you know your tiles could consist of not one, but two materials? That’s precisely the case with Petite Alliance 13 by Tabarka Studios. With a mix of natural stone and wood inlays, this design feels natural, geometric, and elegant all at the same time, making it a perfect choice for a bathroom floor or feature wall. 

Tile #5: Nature Preserved in Stone

Nature Preserved in Stone

A whole different take on blending stone and more organic forms, Walden Bianco Select by Artistic Tile gives us this stunning naturescape: a near-translucent stone arrayed with tranquil, floating lily pads. Designed to capture your interest, elevate elegance, and put you instantly at peace, this tile would be ideal as a stunning wall feature.

Tile #6: Classic Herringbone in Marble

Classic Herringbone in Marble


Herringbone Calacatta by AKDO is truly a timeless classic and a fail-safe choice for any space desiring elegance and long-term value. This marble mosaic would be ideal for a floor, shower walls, or as a kitchen backsplash. Or hey, why not all three? 

Tile #7: The Star of the Show

The Star of the Show


King Star Nero by Somer Tile is a ceramic tile imported from Spain. Radiating Old-World elegance with an industrial twist, this popular design is creative, affordable, and perfect for flooring.

Now that you’ve seen a wide array of timeless, innovative, and gorgeous tiles, let’s answer some of your burning questions…

Q1. Can I use marble or limestone tiles on my project?

Yes, you can use either. Both marble and limestone are natural materials with a lot of color variation. So no matter what design style you’re going for, you will find an option that fits your aesthetic. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that marble and limestone are calcium-based materials, which means that they can stain and etch very easily. We highly recommend that all-natural stone tiles be sealed during the installation, to better protect the surface. Periodic sealing is also recommended every 1 to 5 years, depending on the area of installation. 

Q2. Which tiles require the lowest maintenance?

Porcelain tiles are your best option for low maintenance. Due to the durability of the material, you can install porcelain tiles on floors, walls, and shower pans and expect very minimal maintenance.

Ceramic tiles are another option, but with a caveat: they are just as durable and low maintenance as porcelain, but they are typically recommended for wall installation only.

Q3. Can I shop for unique design features without breaking the bank?

Absolutely! Our vast selection of tiles includes multiple design features at different price points. Our porcelain tiles in particular are very popular. They come in multiple whimsical colors and patterns, are extremely durable, and win our award for being budget-friendly. 

Q4. How can I get the marble look without the price tag or high maintenance?

Marble continues to be a popular and timeless material choice. Our clients love the sophisticated feel it gives to their space, but… they don’t necessarily love the higher price point or maintenance requirements. For that, we have the perfect solution for you — porcelain.

Many of our vendors offer porcelain tiles that look identical to natural marble at a fraction of the cost. Most of our clients can’t even tell the difference between the two!

shower tile flooring

Marble flooring or porcelain? We’ll never tell! (source)


Well, there you have it — a roundup of our top 7 favorite tiles and some advice to get you well on your way toward the home you’ve been waiting for. 

If you still have any questions about tiles or want to take a closer look in person (you do!), come visit our showroom in Downtown Lafayette. Our talented designers in the Luxe Home showroom are prepared to discuss all of your options and guide you toward the perfect fit for your home, price point, and lifestyle.

Until next time!

The Luxe Home Team




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