September 24, 2020

Introducing Our Latest Product: The Stellar Quickship Tile Program


Sonoma Tilemakers Stellar Quickship 6×12 Tile in Fontainebleau


Are you ready to embark on your kitchen or bathroom renovation project but having difficulty sourcing all the finish materials?

Tile is one of the most important elements of any kitchen or bathroom project. In this blog post we are going to share our new Stellar Quickship program and all it has to offer.



Sonoma Tilemakers Stellar Quickship 3×9 Tile in Penthouse


An Overview of the Quickship Tile Program

The Stellar Quickship ceramic tile line by Sonoma Tilemakers is based out of Windsor, California and is made with domestic clay sources. The ceramic clay is lead-free, non-toxic, and has no VOC off-gassing. They offer 20 colors, 3 field tile sizes, 3 decorative tile shapes, 4 liners and molding pieces, as well as bullnose and trim.



Sonoma Tilemakers Stellar Quickship Trestle Tile in Penthouse


Whether used for interior walls, showers, countertops, or floors, these tiles are as practical as they are beautiful…and the biggest benefit for all of our customers when ordering from the Stellar Quickship collection?! You can get your orders within a week or less, which can (and will) take some of the remodel stress away.

The ceramic tiles are handcrafted, which offers a comfortable yet sophisticated look. Crackle finishes are available in 11 different colors which can captivate those looking for more of a “farmhouse” design style (although these do require a bit of periodic maintenance with a penetrating sealant to avoid moisture intrusion and discoloration).



Sonoma Tilemakers Stellar Quickship Trestle Tile in Goose Down


How It Works

Come into our showroom to look at all the colors available! Once you have selected your color(s), all you have to do is provide the square footage needed for your space.

We will create and provide an estimate. Once the estimate is approved, we will move forward with processing payment and ordering your tile! You can expect your tile order to arrive to our warehouse within a week or less!



Sonoma Tilemakers Stellar Quickship Trestle Tile in Wedgewood


In Action…

Many customers come into our showroom on the hunt for tile that is beautiful, durable, cost effective and most of all, has a fast lead time. With the Stellar Quickship program, all of this is possible!

Please note that because these beautiful tiles are made of a semi-absorbent talc clay, extra caution should be exercised during installation to ensure a proper seal. If you need recommendations for installers, we’re here for you.

Whether you are managing your own remodel with an independent contractor or doing the work yourself, Luxe Home has you covered.



Sonoma Tilemakers Stellar Quickship 6×12 Tile in Pumice


Luxe Home offers the utmost convenience and variety by having all products available at your fingertips. We have everything you need in a single showroom, so you don’t need to run all over town to find the materials you desire.

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