September 25, 2019

Purchasing a New Bathtub? Here’s What to Look For

We understand that choosing a new bathtub can feel daunting– a lot of homeowners wonder, “Where on Earth do I begin?!” There’s several styles, colors and materials to choose from, and many that will be the perfect addition to your bathroom. We discuss a few guidelines to consider while planning your home improvement project. Get inspired!


Victoria and Albert Bath’s Shropshire bathtub.

We’re seeing freestanding traditional-style tubs come back in all sorts of spaces thanks to its seemingly effortless way of glamming up a room with timeless charm. Transitional and retro style homes look especially elegant with some clawed feet and roll-top edges! 

Native Trails’ Avalon tub. Design by Kelle Contine

If sleeker lines are more your style, there are plenty of freestanding tubs with modern and contemporary looks to suit any home. For example, Native Trails’ bathtub options allow you to combine a natural aesthetic with modern lines for a rustic look that still feels sophisticated.

BainUltra’s CITTI 6032 tub

Not a fan of freestanding tubs? For smaller bathrooms, it can prove beneficial to have the tub as close to the walls as possible. Alcove tubs (also known as recessed tubs) are perfect for urban dwellings that don’t have a lot of extra space to work with. We love BainUltra’s spa-like options that work in so many different style homes.

Wetstyle’s Cube Collection

You can also opt for a freestanding tub that feels more like a recessed tub, but with more structure and flexibility. Wetstyle’s modern options are equal parts glamorous and simple for any style bathroom.


Native Trails’ Avalon 72 tub made from concrete in the color “Pearl”

With technologies rapidly improving, homeowners have more options now than ever for materials that will meet their needs for looks, ease of maintenance and price point. Today’s typical tubs are often made from fiberglass, which is both lightweight and the most affordable. However, this material is prone to scratching and fading and doesn’t stand the test of time. 

Native Trails’ Santorini tub in Polished Copper

More luxurious materials like copper, nickel, concrete and man-made materials offer unique personality and added durability, but come at a higher price tag.

Weight & Functionality

Kallista Plumbing’s one-piece dolomitic marble cast-stone tub

Touching on materials, what your tub is made out of will affect its weight. For example, concrete and natural stone are much heavier than fiberglass and acrylic. Your contractor will help you determine what weight your flooring can withstand, which will help you narrow down the type of tub that would work best in your space. 

Likewise, if you’re thinking about having jets, extra plumbing work will have to be involved. It all boils down to your budget and what will make the most sense for your home. 

BainUltra’s “Meridian” alcove tub

Ultimately, it’s up to you if you desire a tub that plays with the existing aesthetic of the space, of if you want to go with an option that’s a bit more bold that will become the focal point in your bathroom. Your soak, your choice! Our designers can help you weigh your options and steer you in the right direction. Give us a shout to get started on your bathroom improvement project!

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