Project Reveal: Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen in Alamo, California

Completing a whole home renovation is always a significant undertaking. There are unexpected challenges that arise, lead times shift, projects can take longer than anticipated, and anyone in the trade knows to expect the unexpected. But when you added in the onset of a global pandemic, it became so much more. 

In late 2019, we began this home renovation in Alamo, CA. The clients had moved into a rental to escape the major construction that was underway, but much to everyone’s surprise, the pandemic hit, and our plans, timelines, and supply availability hit a major snag.

It was a stressful time for everyone involved, as the clients only had their rental for a limited time and lead times kept extending beyond our control. However, we did everything we could to produce a stunning final result, even if it involved managing most of our meetings through Zoom.

I’m happy to say that although this renovation had a bumpy path, it ended in pure delight! Ours and the homeowners. We are finally ready to reveal their luxurious gourmet chef’s kitchen. But first, let’s meet our clients…

gourmet-chefs-kitchen-alamo-ca-douglah-design-labrador dog on laying on floor

A Delightfully Social Couple in California 

This personable and friendly couple (and their lovable Labrador) uses their home primarily for entertaining guests. Creating a gourmet space for hosting was their top priority, with a heavy focus on having an open kitchen. In addition, they have their own wine label, so it was vital for us to find a way to showcase their extensive collection.

Scope and Challenges

As I’ve already mentioned, this project was a complete home renovation. This means we designed the home, sourced materials, and oversaw the installation from start to finish. For today, let’s focus on the kitchen. To create a high-end chef-style kitchen emphasizing the need for effortless entertaining, we concentrated on all of the elements that would support our clients:

We don’t have “Before” photos, so picture this project starting with closed, dark spaces, and a whole lot of construction. Add in our savvy design work, tradespeople working their magic (and dodging the pandemic hoops and hurdles you already know about), and we have finally arrived.

Let’s take a look at how it all turned out…

A Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen Perfect for Entertaining


Wow. Now this is one heck of a kitchen. Guests can now sit or mingle comfortably with various seating options: at the spacious island, at a massive table near the back of the kitchen (not pictured), and within the home’s formal dining room. The whole space feels inviting and cozy, too, as our client’s Labrador can attest. 

For the countertops, we went with a stunning, natural Calcutta marble. Some clients hesitate to choose marble for kitchen countertops because it is porous and prone to stains and etching. To resolve this concern, we used an anti-etch sealer made from acrylic resin to protect the surface. Now, they can enjoy the gorgeous marble without worrying about blemishes. 

The cabinets, which play a large role in the elevated aesthetic, are from Bentwood Luxury Kitchens and have a stunning bevel inset door style. The rich wood adds the perfect amount of warmth while providing an inviting and welcoming space to entertain guests. Speaking of…

High-End Appliances & Gourmet Cooktop


This space didn’t skimp on the amenities. The main area features a gourmet cooktop with a large vent hood that acts as a sleek, elegant statement piece. And, of course, the pot filler is always essential in a chef’s kitchen. I also personally love the choice of Pinot red-colored dials on the cooktop and oven — it adds warmth and custom character that speaks to our clients’ interests.

Another one of our clients’ top requests was ample fridge space, so we custom-designed a full-size refrigerator and freezer set with a wine column sandwiched between the two. Isn’t that a striking way for them to display their personal collection? And treat their guests to a delightful tasting. 

We sourced everything from Sub-Zero or Wolf, which is our go-to for high-end, luxury kitchens. 

An Organized and Practical Butler’s Pantry


The butler’s pantry is full of all the necessary amenities this couple will need to have a successful night entertaining guests. It’s tucked away and provides a perfect place for this duo or a catering service to utilize their own organized space away from the mingling guests.

We selected beautiful glass panels for the upper cabinets to display fine china and make it easy for a catering service to locate all the necessities. Everything needed is within reach, with a dishwasher, sink, and tons of storage. We continued the Calcutta marble, custom cabinetry, and neutral herringbone backsplash, so while the space is separate, it still feels cohesive with the rest of the kitchen. 

Fully Stocked Wet Bar with a View


And last but certainly not least, this luxurious wet bar is fully stocked and ready for a soirée. The beautiful wood countertop sets the beverage center apart from the rest of the space with a deep, warm aesthetic. The upper cabinets showcase their beautiful glassware collection while making it easy for their guests to help themselves.

Much like the butler’s pantry, our clients invested in all the amenities to create a top-tier space. Amenities include a sink, ice maker, and two spacious, stacked wine fridges.

As you can see, despite the challenges we faced, this kitchen is the ultimate chef’s paradise. We are thrilled that they can finally enjoy entertaining again, and we can’t wait to hear about their next hosting success!

If you’re ready to transform your kitchen into an elevated, luxury space, that’s our specialty. Reach out to book a discovery call with us. We’d love to hear about your project and discuss how we can create a space designed for your lifestyle.