Celebrating Client Wins, Personal Growth, & Memorable Moments from 2022

I know I don’t typically share personal details, but with Thanksgiving this month, it feels like the perfect time to include you in all that 2022 has held, both personally and as a team. After all, you are one of the big reasons it has been such a remarkable year.

Today, I’m reflecting on client wins, personal triumphs, and the exciting opportunities we have experienced this year. I hope you enjoy celebrating these with us and getting a sneak peek at what’s in store for 2023.


1. Gratitude for our Loyal Clients

First and foremost, we are beyond thankful for those (like you) who allow us to create unique and beautiful spaces where you can feel entirely at home. The journey of building or renovating a home is personal. We respect that it takes time and energy to build a relationship and communicate openly about your style, preferences, lifestyle, and even your dislikes. So, thank you for trusting us with something so important.


2. A Design Team Worth Commending 

Our design team has taken on many challenges and projects this year, and all with enthusiasm and optimism. This team spirit has resulted in some fantastic work, like the Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen in Alamo:


In the year to come, we are committed to deepening the value-centered culture of Douglah Designs, so much so that we are hiring a culture coach to assist us. I can’t wait to see our team take on this new challenge, working together to create an environment where our team feels happy, supported, and excited to come to work every day.


3. Back to Business as Normal 

While working through the worldwide restrictions that began in 2020, our team’s priority was to keep our clients and crew safe and healthy. On top of that, managing material shortages and scheduling booked-out tradespeople was like putting together a puzzle with extra pieces! 


I am genuinely proud of the way we have all worked together to make it work, for our team and our clients. It has taken creativity, patience, and a lot of problem-solving. Although there continue to be supply chain issues and labor shortages across all industries, we are now fully experienced with these challenges. We navigate these unique challenges with you (and for you) efficiently and effectively. 


4.  A Long-Anticipated Wedding…

After almost 2 years of pushing back our wedding, my now-husband, Stuart, and I were finally able to say I do! We exchanged our intimate vows under a California sky, surrounded by friends, family, and the beauty of nature. 


We committed to a life of adventure and spiritual growth, supporting each other on our united and individual journeys. (Stuart’s vows may have also included a promise of support when I’m CEO Leila mode…which is more often than not. What can I say, I love what I do!) While the waiting game was difficult, we are grateful for the lifelong memories that we will never forget, surrounded by family and friends. 


5.  Another Special Summer Wedding


Another delayed wedding happened this summer — my son’s. By happy accident, his wedding ended up being 4 weeks apart from mine. His stunning ceremony in late July was equally memorable, and adding another family member was so special. What a whirlwind month full of happiness and love!


6. Our New Puppy, Bodhi


If you can believe it, our family grew yet again this year with our latest addition: our adorable and energetic puppy, Bodhi. It’s been a wild and humorous experience as Bodhi has quickly changed us from imagined disciplinarians into doting dog parents. We enjoy spending time taking him on walks and spoiling him on occasion.


7. The Home of All Homes

It’s been a privilege to work on some outstanding projects this year. The one that comes most readily to mind was our Danville Home Renovation, a top to bottom transformation that completely modernized and elevated the home. 


Although the family eventually chose to relocate to Seattle, the house sold for $525,000 over asking price! We take great pride in paying attention to home value when designing, and having proof that the investment pays off is always music to our ears. 


What You Can Expect From Us in 2023

We have every intention of making 2023 another year of success as much as growth. In addition to building a warm, rooted company culture with heart, we’ve also implemented a new project management software tool, called Buildertrend. 

Buildertrend is already helping tremendously with running our projects effectively and efficiently behind the scenes. It’s been quite the process to get this system up and running, but totally worth the time, energy, and expense as our clients will benefit from our buttoned-up system. In addition, we will be launching beautiful, informative new websites for both Douglah Designs and our showroom, Luxe Home by Douglah

In the meantime, if you’re ready to create your dream home in the new year, our design-build team would love to support you. Book a complimentary discovery call to share more about your project and discuss how we can work together. 


Until then,

Leila Douglah