June 19, 2018

How Unique Plumbing Accessories Can Change Your Space

We believe that unique plumbing accessories have the potential to provide a beautiful final touch to any room. Whether you’re opting for a full home improvement project or just looking for some guidance in swapping out your old plumbing accessories, we have a plenty of not-your-everyday options that have the power to completely transform your home and give it that new personality you’re looking for.

Gold and Brushed Gold

(Gold kitchen faucet by Rohl).

Gold and brushed-gold plumbing add a classy and elegant feel to virtually any space. A trend we’ve been seeing recently is pairing gold and brushed-gold plumbing accessories with white and grey surfaces. We don’t even like to call it a trend, because we really believe it’s a timeless look for any home. We’re seeing gold fixtures in rooms boasting all varieties of color palettes, making gold a truly versatile finish option.

(Bathroom faucet by Kallista Plumbing).

Gold is so simple and elegant that you can get away with bigger and bolder pieces while still maintaining a harmonious feel.

(Gold faucet and sink by GESSI).


Bronze Beauties

(Kitchen faucet by California Faucets).

Bronze plumbing is a great finish option to give your kitchen or bathroom a more traditional aesthetic. Bronze is a favorite among our designers and clients because it tends to not show water marks or fingerprints. This beautiful finish can give your kitchen a traditional country feel without seeming dated, as seen above.

Bronze shower fixtures add a subtle pop of personality to your bathroom, and this gorgeous set from KALLISTA Plumbing will patina (oxidize with that familiar greenish color) in time:

(Shower set from KALLISA Plumbing).

Bronze also incorporates well with a Mediterranean-style room, as seen below in one of Douglah Designs’ home improvement projects. Bronze lighting fixtures and other accessories were also installed to complete the look. The client was absolutely thrilled with the implementation!

(One of Douglah Designs’ Featured Projects).


Black on Black

(Black bathroom faucet by GESSI).

Welcome to the dark side! If you’re seeking a dramatic transformation for your kitchen or bathroom, black plumbing accessories have the power to add a unique and bold personality to your room. Black plumbing looks elegant and dashing next to whites, greys, neutral tones, and even rose gold.

(Black faucet by Kohler).

Don’t forget your shower head! Having all of your bathroom plumbing accessories matte black can tie together a sleek and modern design effortlessly, creating a focal point in your room.

(Black showerhead and sink faucet from California Faucets).


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