August 08, 2022

How to Create a Color Palette for Your Home & Ways We Can Help

When it comes to your home’s design, color is a powerful tool. If done correctly, your rooms will flow together seamlessly, resulting in a high-end, comfortable, and cohesive environment. This involves strategically pairing rugs, furnishings, paint colors, lighting, and artwork in a unified palette across your entire home. 

If this sounds complicated, it is, but there are several ways we can help you make it easier. This month, we’re here to share some of our best-kept secrets for choosing a color scheme you love. But first, let’s debunk some color myths…

3 Misconceptions of Color Pairings

  1. Warm and cool tones don’t mesh well. False! Combining warmer, cozy colors with calm, cool hues can create contrast and depth. It’s all about balance.
  2. Dark colors can make a room feel heavy. Nope. When used correctly, dark and moody shades can add drama, character, and even comfort and depth
  3. Playful and bold colors are risky. The truth? Adding thoughtful pops of vibrant color can infuse a healthy dose of energy into the space. In fact, it could become the very thing that excites you most when entering the front door!


The bold red-orange colors on this custom upholstered chair and pillows add a pop of energy to this neutral living space. Did you know that red and orange are considered “social” colors? Sure to get the conversation going!


3 Steps for Selecting & Implementing a Color Palette

Step 1. Gather Inspiration 

Pinterest and interior design magazines are great ways to discover color inspiration. We suggest saving images that speak to you and make you happy, even if you can’t pinpoint why — actually, especially if you can’t pinpoint why! Follow your intuition and assemble as many images as possible. THEN, look at your selections to discover common color themes.


Step 2. Set the Mood

Different colors, tones, and saturations are known to inspire different moods. So if you’re looking at your inspiration photos and see a lot of blue, ask yourself: “What mood would I like the color blue to set in this space?” A deep, moody blue will feel very different from a light airy blue!

Then, look through your inspiration images to find the best example of what you’re trying to achieve. That’s the start of your color palette.


Step 3: Collect & Test Color Swatches

The final step is to collect paint chips and material samples (like fabric swatches, tile or hardware samples, etc.) that match your selections. We always suggest that you put the elements of the room together in a miniature version, like a flatlay, before implementing on a grander scale. This gives you time to edit and refine before making any permanent changes. Once you’re happy with your creation, implement!


How to Get a Professional Color Consultation

The best way to approach color selection? Turn to the experts. When you work with a design professional who understands your personal style, your palette will be exactly what you want for your home. At the Luxe Home Showroom, we can help you in 3 ways:

1. A-La-Carte & Retail Purchases

Already know exactly what you’re looking for? This is for you. Share your color palette with us, and we’ll provide guidance on specific materials that fit your preferences and budget. You’ll experience the benefit (and confidence) of relying on our educated staff to answer all of your questions, produce accurate estimates, and direct you to the best possible options.


2. Interior Design for Renovations

If you have a contractor, are working on a renovation, and want to purchase materials with us, you can hire us to create and execute the design of your space. When you retain our services, we designate a designer to your account, order your materials and products, and track and deliver your orders for your GC to implement. You will also have the option to add on our assistance with drafting design plans. 

Call us or stop by our showroom in downtown Lafayette to inquire.

3. Interior Design for Furnishings

Looking for help with window treatment and furniture selections? We are your furnishings specialists! You can meet with us in person or via Zoom to get our assistance with selecting, purchasing, and coordinating the items that will make your house a comfortable, sophisticated home. 

We can’t wait to show you the power of color in your home! Call us or stop by our showroom in downtown Lafayette to discuss how we can help.


Until next time,

The Luxe Home Team

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