October 15, 2018

How to Choose the Right Hardware Accessories

At Luxe Home, we believe that hardware accessories to a home are like jewelry to an outfit – they add that extra sparkle and pizazz. Still, the decision to revamp a dresser or kitchen cabinetry can feel daunting with the multitude of finishes and styles to choose from. We put together a guide to help set you off on the right foot for your next home improvement project!

Where Do I Start?

Ashley Norton’s Escutcheon Entry Door Set in White Bronze offers a strong and elegant transitional aesthetic that fits well with nearly any home design.


An important aspect in choosing hardware for your home is not necessarily how it looks, but how it feels. Hardware that’s too big or small for your hand or feels awkward to use isn’t worth it, no matter how good it may look. We always recommend ordering a sample to try out before committing to make sure it will fit your needs.

This bold, contemporary towel ring is from Dezi Home, and strikes the perfect balance between standing out and blending in.


Don’t worry about “matching” your hardware with the color of your door, cabinets or even other items in the space. A helpful tip to remember is that warmer-hued cabinets colors and walls tend to coordinate well with warm metal finishes, and cooler-hued colors look good with cool metals, like chrome or white bronze – much like in the photo above from Ashley Norton. Think about what will flow with the rest of the space!

Top Knobs’ Celtic Large Knob in their German Bronze finish is from their Tuscany collection and is inspired by the rich architecture from Italian villas.


For traditional-style homes, we often lean towards coordinating hardware styles that are full-bodied with soft, rounded edges. In homes that have a transitional or modern style, think of clean lines with simple details and edges. Another approach is to install hardware with a unique, intricate design to make an otherwise simple space really pop! However, these aren’t hard-and-fast rules.

Schuab’s Imperial Shell drawer pulls are from their Fair Isle collection and bring a whimsical personality to this bathroom.


What About Mixing Metals?

Mixing warm and cool tones offers fantastic, intentional-looking contrast. (Products from Top Knobs).


If you’re hoping to swap out just a few of your old hardware accessories for new ones, don’t fret about having to replace every piece of hardware in your home for your space to look cohesive. Contrary to popular belief, it’s perfectly a-okay to mix metal finishes – even in the same room! Our advice would be to choose metals that contrast each other. Two pieces of hardware with colors and finishes that appear to almost match – but don’t – have the potential to stand out as an eye sore. In our experience, it’s often helpful to choose a “dominant” finish and pick one more finish (two at the most) to complete the look.

The black drawer pulls and knobs are from Schuab, while the door set is from Emtek. Aim for high contrast in the areas where you’d like to draw the eye.


Flavor of the Week

Schuab’s Solid Brass Octopus Pull in their Estate Dover finish


Installing new hardware accessories is often budget-friendly and impermanent, so you have the wiggle room to have fun with it! Swapping out boring drawer pulls for animals, flowers or sparkling jewels can make your dresser or vanity feel brand-new, minus the hefty price tag.

Top Knob’s Twig collection offers a subtle, unique texture to the clean lines in this kitchen.


These cheetah-licious drawer pulls from Atlas Homewares bring stylish delight to a vanity or kids’ room.


If You Like It, It’s Right!

The gold-toned drawer pulls from Atlas Homewares warm up this bathroom’s cool palette.


Your home improvement project is exactly that – yours! Don’t worry about what might be “trendy”, or what’s “in” or “out” and especially don’t feel compelled to make a decision based on what your friends or neighbors are doing. If it feels right, it works! The best part? If you change your mind, it’s an easy adjustment to make.  

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