May 10, 2021

How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Space (with Roundup)

Lighting is such an interesting design element. Beyond its functional aspect, lighting is a good way to define your aesthetic, tie a design together, and set the mood for the space. It can also create separate “rooms” in an open concept space or become the wow factor that you and your future guests will ooh and ahh over.

In other words, great lighting packs a design punch!

At Luxe Home by Douglah Designs, we find that our clients are drawn to unique pieces that feel vibrant and special. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of light fixtures that will match your design style and stand the test of time.

To help you better understand your lighting options, we’ll do a quick Q&A with some common lighting questions we get asked… and stay tuned for the end where we share 7 of our favorite picks for statement lighting. 

Ready to shed some light (*wink*) on this important issue? Let’s go…

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Most Common Questions about Selecting the Right Lighting

Q1. Do I want warm or cool lighting in my space?

The best way to think of your home’s lighting is to try mimicking natural light as much as possible. Not too warm, but not too cool either. We recommend 3000K (Kelvin), 90CRI (Color Rendering Index) for this very reason.

Q2. What is the best way to get the most amount of light and still have an aesthetically pleasing look?

To get the most amount of light, we always suggest a combination of recessed can lighting mixed with decorative light fixtures. For example, in a bathroom we will specify enough recessed can lights to illuminate the space thoroughly. Then, we can add decorative sconces on either side of the mirror (or above) or even a lighted mirror for additional brightness.

 Q3. What finish do you recommend for my fixture(s) to give my space an updated look?

Matte black or satin brass finishes are currently on-trend and can be a nice accent in your space. If you are looking for a timeless finish, we recommend polished nickel or satin nickel, as it can complement a large array of interior design styles.

 Q4. Which lighting vendors should I consider for my project? 

While there are numerous lighting vendors available on the market, some of our favorite picks are  Hammerton Studio Lighting, Hubbardton Forge, Hudson Valley Lighting, Tech Lighting and Visual Comfort. These brands have a plethora of styles and options to choose from and an array of finishes for each option, which is precisely why we love to carry them in our store at Luxe Home.

Speaking of… here they are!

Lighting Roundup: Our Top 7 Picks for Statement Lighting


  1. Gem Belvedere Sconce by Hammerton Studio / This organic-inspired sconce is pure jewelry for your home. Each glass “gem” is hand blown so no two pieces are the same! Not only does it provide great light but it becomes an instant piece of art for any space. (Hello, conversation starter…)
  2. Double Cirque Chandelier by Hubbardton Forge / This chandelier is the perfect mixture of rustic and elegant, adding a touch of Old World to your home. The dark metal pairs well with rich-toned woods and natural stone.
  3. Clear Round Happy Elbow Sconce by Siemon & Salazar / This sconce is a timeless classic. The glass bowl is uniquely shaped and protrudes only slightly out from the wall. This casts a unique and mysterious pattern of light onto the wall for immediate interest.
  4. Brigitte by Mitzi / We all know the traditional candelabra chandelier design. This one modernizes it with long, clean, and simple lines. Timeless yet fresh!
  5. Bowery Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting / This chandelier is another design blend that is turning heads. The linen shades bring in traditional style, while the mix of modern lines and mixed metals up the ante. Spectacular.
  6. Alva Pendant by Tech Lighting / The Alva Pendant is a classic with its Edison-style lamp restored as a modern socket and cord-style LED pendant light. This pendant is available in multiple finishes and even has different cord color options, making it a fun contemporary piece. Fun Fact: You can even group this pendant as a 3, 7 or 11-light pendant waterfall chandelier!
  7. Fancy Darlana Large Linear Pendant in Nickel by Visual Comfort / The Fancy Darlana Linear Pendant is a gorgeous centerpiece for a kitchen island or above a dining room table. With touches of traditional elegance, clean lines, simple curves, and a nod to farmhouse style, it can fit beautifully into a variety of home styles. That’s versatility!

And there you have it — a roundup of our favorite lighting options and some advice to light up your space. If you still have any questions about lighting or want to take a closer look in person (you do!), come visit our showroom in Downtown Lafayette

Our talented designers in the Luxe Home showroom are prepared to discuss all of your options and guide you toward the perfect fit for your home, price point, and lifestyle.

Until next time!

The Luxe Home Team

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